Pittsburgh Mobility Collective, Pittsburgh, PA, 2019

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  • Date Launched: Jul 24, 2019


In July 2019, the City of Pittsburgh announced the launch of its Pittsburgh Mobility Collective, a collective of first/last mile and alternate commute mobility providers. The pilot aims to improve access to services that complement and expand utility of mass transit services and Healthy Ride public bike share, and compete with single-occupancy cars and ridesourcing services.

Skinny Labs (a.k.a. Spin) is leading the collective, along with the Transit app, Zipcar, Ford Mobility, Waze and Swiftmile. According to the city, the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective will develop a “toolbox” to include 150 electric pedal assist bicycles, expanded carshare, new carpool and shared ride services, multimodal trip planning built around existing backbone mass transit service, up to 50 public curbside micromobility electric charging stations, and shared e-scooter vehicles.

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