Portland Transit-Oriented Development Strategic Plan

  • Date Enacted: Apr 18, 2011


This Strategic Plan is designed to guide future investments by the Metro TOD Program, in order to ensure the program maximizes the opportunities for catalyzing transit-oriented development throughout the region and effectively leverages additional resources to comprehensively advance TOD in all station areas and frequent bus corridors. 

This plan contains the following components: 

  • Cultivating developers with expertise in higher-density and mixed-use devel- opment in suburban settings. 
  • An evaluation of regional existing conditions influencing the ability of TOD as a strategy to achieve Metro’s 2040 Growth Concept goals. 
  • A typology framework that classifies station areas and corridors based on their “TOD readiness.”
  • Guidelines for phasing of TOD Program activities based on this typology.

Overview excerpt sourced from Reconnecting People Citation: http://reconnectingamerica.org/resource-center/browse-research/2011/metro-tod-program-transit-oriented-development-strategic-plan/


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