Private For-Hire Transportation Innovation Task Force Recommendations on Taxis and TNCs, Portland, Oregon, 2015

  • Date Enacted: Aug 11, 2015


The Portland City Council, acting through the Office of the Mayor and the Office of Commissioner Steve Novick, convened the Private For-Hire Transportation Innovation Task Force (Task Force) in December
2014 to review and evaluate the service performance and regulatory framework of Portland’s private for-hire transportation (PFHT) industry, and provide guidance and recommendations to the City Council regarding how the industry should evolve and respond to new developments in the industry, including
the entry of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs). The Task Force, assisted by Cogan Owens Greene as a neutral Facilitator, has been asked to study available information, develop written recommendations, and submit its written recommendations to the Commissioner and City Council.


  • A variety of modes of private for-hire transportation are accommodated.
  • An environment is created so that taxi and TNC companies and drivers are able to compete based on efficient and effective delivery of services to passengers.
  • No competitive advantage is granted to any provider for excluding classes of passengers or opting
    out of compliance with City, State or Federal standards.
  • The ability for taxi and TNC drivers to earn a living wage is promoted.
  • Reliable, timely and equitable services for all passengers and destinations in Portland are provided
    by both taxis and TNCs, including for disabled passengers.
  • A realistic and effective enforcement component insures that T/TNCs and Drivers meet standards,
    regulations and codes.

Excerpt Sourced from Report.

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