Recommendation to approve a Bike Share Implementation Plan, Hamilton, Ontario, 2013

  • Date Enacted: Feb 25, 2013


This report recommends that the City of Hamilton implement a Public Bike Share Transit System, as outlined in the Public Bike Share Transit Business Case. The intent of developing a Public Bike Transit System in Hamilton is to:

  1. Improve access to the A-Line and B-Line transit corridor by offering residents within two (2) to five (5) kilometres of the corridors a quick and efficient way to get to the bus service and make a connecting trip

  2. Provide bicycles to households which do not currently own bicycles or to those households that wish to have access to commuter bicycles that do not have to be stored, locked up or are subject to the threat of theft

  3. Develop a public bicycle network that is located near existing cycling networks, transit corridors, transit stops, transit stations and key areas of interest

  4. Establish a true multi-modal transportation network in the City by offering a bike transit network that complements the existing bus transit network in a way that builds on existing ridership patterns and encourages use of both bicycles and busses as connecting trips 

Excerpt sourced from original document

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