RTD, Masabi and Lyft Partnership, Denver, CO, 2020

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  • Date Launched: Dec 2, 2020


As of December 2, 2020, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) and Masabi partnered with Lyft to offer scheduling and mobile ticket purchasing through the Lyft app, making Denver the first metro region to do so through the Lyft app. This partnership means that Denver metro area Lyft riders will be able to purchase an RTD public transit fare through contactless payment within the Lyft app, increasing the transportation options for users that frequent the app. With over half of Lyft customers in the Denver region reporting that they use Lyft services to get to or from transit stations, this integration enables users to do all of their trip scheduling in one application. RTD tickets cost the same price within the Lyft app as they do with current ticket purchasing platforms. With this partnership, RTD now offers trip purchasing through Uber, Lyft and Transit as indicated in their ticket privacy policy. Our Case Study titled Denver RTD Partners with Masabi and Transit for App Development¬†offers more detailed information about the Masabi’s Justride Software Development Kit that allows for public transit agencies to extend their ales channel to third party apps.

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