Strategic Transit Automation Research (STAR) Plan Roadmap, Federal Transit Agency, United States, 2017

  • Date Enacted: Dec 5, 2017


The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is embarking on a five year (FY 2017-2022) plan to encourage research and demonstrations of, and partnerships between public transit agency operators of buses and automotive and technology providers, as outlined below:

STAR Plan Work Area / Anticipated Outcomes

Enabling Research

Accelerate entry of manufacturers, suppliers, and transit providers into automation by building common understanding of foundational issues (human factors, Federal policy, costs and benefits, etc.)

Integrated Demonstrations

Grow industry and expand knowledge base by demonstrating automation technologies in real-world settings

Strategic Partnerships

Improve quality and usefulness of research by other actors and disseminate findings to broad community, expanding participation of providers and suppliers

Updated January 2018

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