Text Amendment to Permit Car Sharing Parking Spaces as a Matter of Right Use in the R, CR, and SP Zone Districts, Washington DC, 2010

  • Date Enacted: Mar 22, 2010


The text amendments establish zoning definitions for carsharing vehicles and parking spaces and amends the text of the Zoning Regulations to permit car sharing parking spaces as a new matter of right use in the Residential (R), Mixed Use (CR), and Special Purpose (SP) Zone Districts, subject to certain limitations. Citation: Z.C. ORDER NO. 09-16

Key Definitions: "Car-sharing space – a parking space that is designated for the parking of a car-sharing vehicle. Car-sharing vehicle – any vehicle available to multiple users who are required to join a membership organization in order to reserve and use such a vehicle for which they are charged based on actual use as determined by time and/or mileage." p.2
Citation: Z.C. ORDER NO. 09-16

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  • Washington, District of Columbia, US
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