The New Mobility Resolution, Autonomous Vehicle Plan, Austin, Texas, 2017

  • Date Enacted: Mar 2, 2017


Austin passed a New Mobility Resolution on March 2, 2017 to manage initiatives as part of a new mobility plan for autonomous vehicles. The bill establishes goals to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for the region by 2050. The resolution also proposes to expand electrification options for vehicles to cut CO2 emissions and boost electric vehicle sales by 2030. The bill’s “New Mobility EV/AV Plan” proposes to shift the city’s transportation system to a model that incorporates “shared, electric, and autonomous mobility services” to reduce transportation costs, provide on-demand mobility access, address accessibility issues, reduce traffic congestion, and increase mobility options for seniors and the disabled.

Updated April 2017

Citation: 20170302-039

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