Shared ride taxi and connector services in rural Door County, WI, 2010

  • Date Launched: Jul 1, 2019
  • Dates given are approximate.
  • Pilot Project Timeframe: Project launched in August 1, 2010. Renewed in July 2019.


Called “Door 2 Door”, this shared ride taxi service was launched in 2010 in the popular tourist destination of Door County, Wisconsin; the service provides more than 42,00 rides per year to approximately 1,800 different riders, most of whom (72%) are elderly or have disabilities. In summer 2019, the Door County Board of Supervisors agreed to help fund the program for the next three years, rather than cut service hours. According to a local alderman, the two most common destinations for people using the service are Walmart and the hospital.

The Door County Transportation Consortium and County of Door have also worked to improve mobility in this community by establishing veteran and county-wide volunteer transportation programs, a vehicle purchase/repair loan program providing 0% car loans to low-income families, and a gas voucher program for half-priced gas on trips taken to work or while job searching.


Updated July 2019

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