TriMet Business Plan FY2020 – FY2024, Oregon, 2020

  • Date Launched: Apr 1, 2019
  • Dates given are approximate.


TriMet, a public agency that operates mass transit in the Portland metropolitan area that serves over 1.5 million people in a 533 square foot area, released their latest business plan for FY 2020- FY2024. The transit agency operates buses, the WES Commuter Rail, Streetcar, MAX Light Rail, and LIFT Paratransit Service. This new business plan focuses on ensuring equity and safety in all of the activities that they do and culture that they build. As such, a few of their points of emphasis for FY2020 include improving the reliability of their transit to reduce travel times, meaningful public engagement, and technology and process modernization. While not a big change, TriMet updated their Vision, Mission and Values, through guidance from the Board and input from internal employees and external riders stakeholders and community members, to better reflect the goals and direction of the organization. The organization sees its services as “the community’s life connector” and their updated value statements reflect this goal to provide multi-modal transportation options for their residents making the area one of the most livable regions in the world for all people. 

Vision: TriMet will be the leader in delivering safe, convenient, sustainable, and integrated mobility options necessary for our region to be recognized as one of the world’s most livable places.

Mission: Connect people with valued mobility options that are safe, convenient, reliable, accessible, and welcoming for all.

The report outlines their goals that fall into four categories based on their strategic plan: Customer Goals, Internal Business Practices Goals, People and Innovation Goals, and Financial Goals. Each goal has sub-categories, objectives, the status and results in FY2019 and the measure or target and key strategic actions for FY2020- FY2024. TriMet plans to continually update their business plan to track its progress against its objectives. A few key projects that are in the pipeline that will contribute to attaining these goals include their Division Transit Project, expanding their battery electric bus fleet in keeping with the recently adopted Non-Diesel Bus Plan and addressing their Safety Management System and how it fosters our culture of safety.

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