Uber and Lyft Partnerships with DART, Dallas, Texas, 2015

  • Date Launched: Apr 4, 2015
  • Dates given are approximate.


DART has partnered with both Uber and Lyft in attempt to step up its “complete trip” efforts. Through its partnerships, DART’s GoPass mobile ticketing application is linked to the mobile apps for both providers, allowing users to “walk through” DART’s app to Uber or Lyft and hail a ride to begin or complete their transit trip. This type of connection makes it easier for travelers who start or end their trips in places not easily served by DART, but who want to use the relatively inexpensive option of a train or bus for the longest portion of their trip. To promote the partnership and reach new users, Uber also offered a free first ride (up to $20) to new customers who arrived through DART’s app.

For more information see DART.

Contributed through a partnership between the Shared-Use Mobility CenterITS America and the Federal Transit Administration’s Mobility on Demand Program

Updated March 2017

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