SUMC’s Policy Database is now the MOD Learning Center

Welcome to the Mobility on Demand Learning Center!

The Shared-Mobility Policy Database has become the MOD Learning Center.

The MOD Learning Center gathers and organizes an extensive array of resources on MOD to create a self-guided learning experience for novices and experienced practitioners alike. All the content from the Shared-Use Mobility Center Policy Database is in the MOD Learning Center, plus much more.

Find the policies and database entries you need

If you were following a link to a specific database entry, you can search for it by name, location, mode, or other attribute, or navigate to it starting at the homepage.

Learn more

Learn more about the MOD Learning Center on the About page or go directly to the MOD Learning Center Homepage.

Get in touch

Email SUMC at if you have trouble finding what you need.

Explore the MOD Learning Center now!

Info graphic showing multi-modal and pedestrian use with city buildings in the background