An Ordinance Relating to the Traffic Code of the Seattle Municipal Code to Expand Free-Floating Car Sharing

  • Date Enacted: Jan 20, 2015


An Ordinance relating to the Traffic Code of the Seattle Municipal Code, amending sections 11.23.150 and 11.23.160 to expand the free-floating car sharing pilot program to allow a greater number of free-floating car sharing operators and vehicles and modifying standards and requirements of the program.

An important aspect of this ordinance is the requirement to serve the entire city after two years of being in operation:

“Permittee shall establish a service area for the entire city, as determined by SDOT within their free-floating car sharing permit, within two years of the issue date of the operator’s first free-floating car share permit”

 Excerpt sourced from legislative document

Citation: 124689

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  • Seattle, Washington, US
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