Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, Austin, TX, 2019

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  • Date Enacted: Apr 11, 2019


In April 2019, the City of Austin released its Austin Strategic Mobility Plan.  The plan was a result of a two-year community driven process to learn more about the transportation needs of people and share ideas on the future.

The Strategic Mobility Plan identified eight Mobility Goals, including Commuter Delay, Placemaking, Travel Choice, Economic Prosperity, Affordability, Sustainability, Health and Safety, and Innovation.


Austin Eight Mobility Goals

Credit: Austin Strategic Mobility Plan

The plan also presents a series of transportation mode shift scenarios and strategies to reach these targeted goals.  Austin currently has a transportation mode split of 74% of commuters drive-alone.  The most ambitious growth scenario presented in the plan aims to reduce the single occupancy vehicle (SOV) work trip to 50%, or a 50/50 goal.   To reach this goal where 50% of all work trips are non-SOV,  the plan outlines strategies to increase walking, bicycling, transit and other non drive-alone modes.  The plan suggests that if the 50/50 mode shift goal were met that Austin could maintain roughly the same number of cars that it currently has on the road today despite population estimates that show it doubling by 2039.

To read the full plan visit the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan site.

Updated August 2019.


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