Business Park Integrates Bikeshare Onto Campus in Overland Park, KS 2021

  • Date Launched: Oct 1, 2021
  • Dates given are approximate.


Aspiria, a new multi-use development in the Kansas City suburbs, has a new bikeshare program supported through RideKC Bike. When complete, Aspiria’s campus is planned to have about 1.1 million square feet of office space, about 350,000 square feet for retail, and 600 multi-family housing units. Construction and renovation of the new campus is projected to be complete in three phases over seven to ten years. There are plans to have seven RideKC Bike stations in the campus plan. Moreover, employees at Aspirias’ tenant businesses will be eligible to receive up to 80 minutes of fare-free bicycle rides per day that they can use throughout the Kansas City area. Existing tenants already have access to RideKC Bike’s fleet of classic and electric bicycles.

Aspiria’s partnership with RideKC Bike is intended to boost business tenants and attract employees to those businesses. As the campus develops, it will be important to see if providing bikeshare and other amenities are effective transportation demand management (TDM) tools, and if this strategy can be adapted to other suburban environments.

Last updated November 1, 2021

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