City of Oakland Carshare Ordinance Agenda Report

  • Date Enacted: Mar 31, 2015


Staff recommendation that The City Council adopts a carshare policy.

Car sharing is a membership-based service available to all qualified drivers in a community, which allows members to make vehicle trips by operating a rented vehicle without a separate written agreement for each trip Car sharing services continue to evolve as an alternative to individual automobile ownership. Such services originally began operating on an informal basis in Oakland in 2001. The proposed policy provides the regulatory framework to allow appropriate use of the public right of way and municipal lots and garages in Oakland by car sharing organizations. Specific outcomes of this legislation, if adopted, would include:

1. Adoption of Oakland’s first formal car sharing policy, establishing the basis for the City’s approach to the provision of car sharing in the public right-of-way,

2. Extension of authority to the Public Works Director or designee to develop a “Deemed Approved” program for existing dedicated spaces on public streets and in municipal lots used by car sharing organizations until a permitting program has been developed;

3. Implementation of a 2-year pilot program to introduce and evaluate the point-to-point model of car sharing services in Oakland;

4. Establishment of new parking permits to grant car sharing organizations the privileges necessary to operate point-to-point car sharing services;

5. Establishment of changes to the Master Fee Schedule to set the fees for the point-to-point car sharing permits;

6. Development of a protocol for car sharing services using dedicated parking spaces in the public right of way or in municipal lots and garages within Oakland

7. Acceptance and appropriation of $320,526 from the Cycle 2 CMAQ program funds awarded to the City of Oakland by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for car sharing policy implementation; and

8. Extension of authority extended to the City Administrator or designee to negotiate and implement agreements with car sharing organizations.

Excerpt sourced from document.

See Equity Carshare Policies and Practice, Oakland, California, 2015 for full analysis.

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