Off-street Parking Reduction for Downtown Off-street Parking, Oakland, California, 2016

  • Date Enacted: Oct 4, 2016


The city of Oakland allows for up to a fifty percent (50%) reduction in required off-street parking through demand management measures. Per the current code (sec. 116.110), the provision of on-site car-share spaces at the level and standards described in Subsection 17.116.105.B. reduces the parking requirement by twenty percent (20%), and the provision of off-site car-share spaces at the minimum level and standards described in Subsection 17.116.105.A. reduces the parking requirement by ten percent (10%).

In the downtown zone, the code requires, per Ordinance 13393, that the developers provide car sharing spaces, as follows:

Number of Dwelling Units

Number of Required Car Share Parking Spaces

Less than 50 units.

No spaces required.

50—200 units.

One (1) space.

201—400 units.

Two (2) spaces.

Each additional 200 units.

One (1) additional space.

Updated September 2017

Citation: Ordinance no. 13393

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