Qualified Car Sharing Organization Terms and Conditions, Oakland, California, 2016

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  • Date Enacted: Nov 21, 2016


The City of Oakland, California included in its carshare program a provision to allow flexibility in its on-street parking. It also sets the requirements, establishes the framework for the Free-Floating Zone Parking Permits, and lists the measures of success, as follows:

  • vehicle-miles traveled (VMT)
  • vehicle greenhouse gas emissions per mile
  • safety record
  • average user costs
  • number of users and vehicles in Oakland
  • share of vehicle time in MTC-designated Communities of Concern areas

Additionally, “the City reserves the right to evaluate Qualified Car Sharing Organizations annually on the basis of the following performance metrics”:

  • membership demographics that reflect the City (by ethnicity, income, etc.)
  • evidence of private vehicles shed or avoided
  • VMT avoided
  • fleet greenhouse-gas emissions per mile
  • geographic distribution of service area within Oakland
  • average user cost per hour and/or mile
  • Qualified Car Sharing Organization Terms and Conditions
  • number of users with special needs

The Free-Floating Zone Parking Permit and Master Residential Parking Permit Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here and on the bottom right of this page and additional information on the Oakland Carshare program can be found here.

Updated August 2017

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