City of Portland, Oregon Contract with Motivate, 2015

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  • Date Enacted: Dec 23, 2015


Excerpt sourced from original document: Description of “High Road Standard” Component of Bikeshare Contract (Download Original Policy File Below)

Products for Low Income Populations. Motivate will create programs with the PBOT as set forth in the High Roads Standards – Exhibit F to provide lower cost products for targeted low-income populations. Specifically, in coordination with the City, Motivate will provide up to 500 discounted annual memberships to be purchased by the City and/or other organizations for low income residents or individuals from traditionally underserved communities for $35 or lower provided that such memberships shall be subject to standard 22 eligibility requirements.. In addition, City and Motivate may work together to provide a discounted product for monthly and/or annual memberships to provide access to low-income customers. The price will be set at a 50% discount from list prices on a monthly or annual membership. This may be administered by a third party, Motivate, and/or the City. The City and Motivate will explore providing a cash-only fare product to provide access to those without credit cards or checking accounts. If any such cash-only plan is executed, Motivate shall not be responsible for any losses of bikes by users of the cash payment plan beyond the annual allowed shrink rate of 1% per year.

Citation: 30003174

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