Dockless Scooter Sharing Regulations, Oakland, California, 2018

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  • Date Enacted: Jul 20, 2018


The City of Oakland, like San Francisco, is regulating dockless scooter sharing. Many of the regulations are now standard, but it is breaking new ground with its equity program, bringing in a $5 annual membership plan for low-income users. This is largely modeled on programs initiated by the docked bikesharing system.

10.18.080 – Ensure affordability: Operators shall offer a discounted membership plan for those with low-incomes, equivalent to $5 for one year of unlimited 30 minute rides for those who participate in the State Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) or California Alternative rates for Energy (CARE).

The council followed-up with a supplemental report that included 13 suggestions, including a 12-15 mph speed limit, etc. Regarding equity, although it required ID of riders, allowed Oakland municipal ID. Most important was item 7.

(7) During this initial period, it is okay if the low-income discount program is different from the structure of the program that was used for bikes, as long as lower-income people receive a discount that is significant. E.g. removing the per-ride start charge, guaranteed per-minute charge limit that won’t go up for low-income riders. Must report back on success and usage of discount program, and we may change it in future years.

Updated September 2018

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