E-bike laws and regulation in Texas, 2013

  • Date Enacted: Jan 1, 2013


Laws and regulations relevant to e-bikes in Texas, see the summary table below:

Is it essentially classified and treated as a bicycle?


Is a driver’s license required to operate an e-bike?


Is the e-bike required to be registered with the state?


What is the minimum age of operation of an e-bike?

 No restriction

What is the maximum power output permitted?

 No specification

What is the maximum speed of operation permitted?


Are fully functional pedals required for operation?


Is the state definition in line with the federal definition?


Is a helmet required for operating an e-bike?


Are e-bikes permitted on shared-use paths and trails?


Are e-bikes permitted on sidewalks?


Citation: Tex. Trans. Code §541.201 (24); §541.202 (4); §551.106

Citation: Tex. Trans. Code §541.201 (24); §541.202 (4); §551.106
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