E-bike laws and regulation in Wisconsin, 2014

  • Date Enacted: Jan 1, 2014


Laws and regulations relevant to e-bikes in Wisconsin, see the summary table below:

Is it essentially classified and treated as a bicycle?


Is a driver’s license required to operate an e-bike?


Is the e-bike required to be registered with the state?


What is the minimum age of operation of an e-bike?

 No restriction

What is the maximum power output permitted?

 750 W

What is the maximum speed of operation permitted?


Are fully functional pedals required for operation?


Is the state definition in line with the federal definition?


Is a helmet required for operating an e-bike?


Are e-bikes permitted on shared-use paths and trails?

 Yes (Restrictions apply)

Are e-bikes permitted on sidewalks?

 Yes (Restrictions apply)

Citation: Wis. Stat. § 340.01 (30); § 346.02 (4); § 346.79 (5); § 343.05(3)(c)

Citation: Wis. Stat. § 340.01 (30); § 346.02 (4); § 346.79 (5); § 343.05(3)(c)
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