Electric Vehicle Carsharing Program, Sacramento, California, 2019

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  • Date Enacted: Feb 12, 2019


The City of Sacramento, as part of its electric vehicle (EV) strategy plan, has launched an on-street, free-floating carshare pilot program operated by Gig, a service of  AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah. The city is the recipient of Electrify America (the entity Volkswagen created in the wake of its emissions scandal) funding for EV infrastructure in its Green City program. The free-floating, on-street program will include a fleet of 260 Chevy Bolt zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). Envoy carsharing, which has already partnered with Electrify America to place vehicles at off-street parking spaces, will expand its fleet to 140 vehicles.

Per the City of Sacramento, the vehicles can be parked anywhere within the: HomeZone, which is a 13 square-mile area covering the central city area, as well as several neighborhoods to the south and east. More than 50 percent of Gig’s Sacramento HomeZone falls within disadvantaged and low-income communities. Gig Members only pay for the time that they used and Gig will always calculate the lowest rate – whether it’s by the minute, hour, or day. Pricing always includes charging, parking, and insurance. Rates are set at the lowest of three options: $0.40 per minute, $15.00 per hour, or $85 per day.

In their framework for the program, which along with the EV strategy plan is attached below, the City of Sacramento provides background into previous carsharing programs in the city and describes the details of the program.

Updated March 2019


Citation: Amendment to City of Sacramento Resolution No. 2018-0355

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