Hackney Carriage Rules and Regulations, Boston, Massachusetts, 2008

  • Date Enacted: Aug 29, 2008


Taxi regulations including medallions, licenses, and vehicle inspections. Citation: Rule 403 

Key Definitions: Hackney Carriage: A vehicle used or designed to be used for the conveyance of persons for hire from place to place within the city of Boston, except a street or elevated railway car or a trackless trolley vehicle, within the meaning of Massachusetts General Laws chapter 163 section 2, or a motor vehicle, known as a jitney, operated in the manner and for the purposes set forth in Massachusetts General Laws chapter 159 A, or a sight-seeing automobile licensed under Chapter 399 of the Acts of 1931. Also known as a taxicab or taxi." p.1
Citation: Rule 403

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  • Boston, Massachusetts, US
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