Minneapolis 2040, Minneapolis, MN, 2020

  • Date Enacted: Jan 1, 2020


Minneapolis 2040 is the City of Minneapolis’ comprehensive plan that shapes how the city will grow and change. The plan covers topics such as housing, job access, the design of new buildings, and how streets are used. The plan outlines the following goals for Minneapolis:

  1. Eliminate disparities
  2. More residents and jobs
  3. Affordable and accessible housing
  4. Living-wage jobs
  5. Healthy, safe, and connected people
  6. High-quality physical environment
  7. History and culture
  8. Creative, cultural, and natural amenities
  9. Complete neighborhoods
  10. Climate change resilience
  11. Clean environment
  12. Healthy, sustainable, and diverse economy
  13. Proactive, accessible, and sustainable government
  14. Equitable civic participation system

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Last updated June 14, 2021

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