RFI for Carsharing Services, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2018

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  • Date Enacted: Mar 23, 2018


Grand Rapids issued a request for information for car sharing. The scope and parameters are shown below. Additionally, the city has included their 2017 commuter census, which also provides on- and off-street parking inventories.

Car-share in Grand Rapids has the potential to benefit the community in a wide variety of ways. At the core, car-sharing looks to broaden accessibility for residents, visitors and employees. However, car-share would also have an impact on the City’s economic, equity, sustainability and mobility goals. The purpose of this RFI is to better understand the benefits car-share would have on the following value propositions:


  • Allowing residents to participate in the sharing economy
  • Reducing car ownership
  • Adding an additional option for residents in making mode decisions
  • Supporting employee and resident daily needs
  • Increasing service options for employers in reducing fleet costs
  • Subsidizing the City of Grand Rapids current employee fleet of 153 vehicles
  • Reducing parking pressure
  • Increasing access in underserved public transit areas
  • Benefitting employee parking incentive programs


  • Reducing miles driven
  • Increasing the use of walking, biking, and public transportation
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emission

In addition to general information about services the City is also looking to understand the needs of the car-share provider. This information should include:


  • On-street and off-street facility use
  • Permitting
  • Potential for public-private partnership with shared costs.

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