Scoot to Offer e-bikes, San Francisco, California, 2017

  • Date Enacted: Dec 21, 2017


Scoot recently announced that it is going to add hundreds of e-bikes to San Francisco in Spring 2018.

The Scoot bikes will be equiped with electric motors to assist with pedaling but in order to reach the top speeds of 20 mph users must still pedal. Scoot has indicated that the smaller e-bike fleet with further strenghten it Scooter fleet and offer a smaller alternative less expensive alternative.

Scoot is looking to expand its service and potential service areas that are currently underserved and has indicated that it will excede expecations for data sharing.

The San Francisco bikeshare ordinance passed in Summer 2017 subjects any bikeshare bike left in the public right-of-way is subject to removal. The ordiance was created in response to issues around bikeshare bikes collecting on and blocking sidewalks and other public areas.

Reference Article
‘Scoot’ To Expand Fleet With Hundreds Of Dockless E-Bikes. Hoodline San Francisco. Teresa Hammer. January 3, 2018.

Updated January 2018

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