Trip planning/ticketing app launched for 10 transit agencies, OH, 2019

  • Date Launched: Jun 10, 2019


In June 2019, NEORide (a regional council of governments consisting of ten transit agencies in northeast Ohio and Kentucky) launched “EZfare”, an app that allows travelers to plan trips and purchase tickets for rides on the participating agencies. The aim of this initiative was to create an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop for riders, thereby increasing transit usage region-wide.

After releasing an RFP, the consortium selected Masabi to develop the cashless mobile platform. The communities served by the participating transit agencies range from rural Lancaster, OH to urban Toledo, OH, and four additional agencies are expected to be incorporated into the app in the coming months.

A large marketing campaign is planned for October 2019, but initial feedback since the soft launch in June has been positive.


Updated July 2019

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