Wheelchair Accessible Services Fund, King County, Washington, 2016

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  • Date Enacted: Aug 1, 2016


The purpose of this rule:

To establish the conditions and procedures for disbursing the Wheelchair Accessible Service (WAS) Fee Surcharge proceeds to wheelchair accessible taxicab or wheelchair accessible for-hire vehicle owners and drivers.

To define the methodology for disbursing the WAS Fee Surcharge proceeds in a manner that offsets the higher operational costs incurred by owners and drivers of wheelchair accessible taxicabs or wheelchair accessible for-hire vehicles.

To align and establish continuity with Seattle Director’s Rules CPU-11-2016 (Wheelchair Accessible Services Surcharge Collection) and CPU-07-2015 (Reimbursement from the Wheelchair Accessible Services Fund), as may be amended or superseded.

Applicability and Audience

  • King County Records and Licensing Services Division
  • Owners and drivers of taxicabs and for-hire vehicles
  • Taxicab Associations and For-hire Vehicle Companies
  • City of Seattle Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Protection Division

Excerpt sourced from King County Wheelchair Accessible Services Fund – Disbursement.

Citation: FIN-10-3 (PR)

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