Case Study: Pocahontas, Iowa Sees Opportunity for Small Town Bikeshare

  • Author: Shared Use Mobility Center
In 2018, the small Iowa town of Pocahontas launched a bikeshare program with Koloni, Inc., a company local to the community. Unlike many bikeshare programs in larger cities, the city of Pocahontas manages its own bike fleet, handling all balancing and operations. Koloni leases bikes to the town, and it provides system software for finding and renting the bikes. This innovative low-cost model primarily relies on advertising revenue rather than ridership revenue, thereby allowing Pocahontas residents access to bikeshare despite the city’s relatively small population. The program uses a hybrid docking model, which permits the shared bikes to be parked (and rides to be formally “completed”) at simple bike racks that have been geo-fenced as designated parking locations.

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