BCycle Introduces New Flexible Docking Technology, Various Cities, February 2021

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  • Date Launched: Feb 11, 2021
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BCycle, one of the largest bikesharing companies in the United States, has released a new dock model that seeks to combine the benefits of both dock-based and dockless bikeshare systems. Called the 3.0 dock, these new and more flexible docks are being deployed first to Santa Barbara, California, Broward County, Florida, and Madison, Wisconsin, where BCycle is headquartered.

With the 3.0 dock, customers of BCycle can check out a bicycle with either a membership card or the BCycle app. Compared to other dock models, the 3.0 dock lacks a kiosk, is lighter-weight, and operates independently from one another, making the docking system more portable. The modular or independent operation of each individual 3.0 dock allows a bike share system to plan for smaller stations within its service area. As Zachary Shahan notes, “the smaller size and greater flexibility mean that these [stations] can be spread out more diversely (almost mimicking a dockless system), and the system operator can more easily (i.e., cheaply) roll out more docking stations to specific areas as it’s determined they are needed there”.

As bikeshare and other micromobility system continue to grow and evolve, new technologies can help them become more user-friendly while helping both operators and stakeholders better address the needs of particular communities, while looking to mitigate undesired outcomes.

Last updated March 5, 2021

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