Emergency Ordinance and Pilot Program for Shared Mobility Devices, Santa Monica, California, 2018

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  • Date Enacted: Jun 12, 2018


The City of Santa Monica, which is the headquarters of the Bird electric kick scooter sharing company, has passed a number of ordinances to regulate the operation of dockless shared modes. Per Ordinance 2570, city officials are authorized to regulate shared mobility systems and devices. The city docked bikeshare and any system operated by LA Metro are exempted.  With those permits due for 12-month renewal on June 30, 2018, the city passed an emergency ordinance that sets an expiration date for September 16, 2018. In place of the current regime, the city passed a pilot program ordinance. This pilot creates a Shared Mobility Operator Selection Committee, and expands the definitions, parameters, and other rules.

Ordinance no. 2570, et seq.

Updated June 2018

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