Case Study: MBTA RIDE P3 Partnerships: Lyft/Uber and Centralized Call and Control Center for Paratransit Services

  • Author: Shared-Use Mobility Center
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (the "T”), which serves Boston and its metropolitan area has partnered with TNC companies Lyft and Uber to provide additional mobility for users of their ADA paratransit services. The pilot project has been extended on account of its growing popularity. The agency is concurrently working to consolidate its call center operations. There are currently four service areas that require different call centers and even transfers for some trips between zones (The RIDE’s operating expenses are more than seven times that of both ferries and buses, and more than a quarter that of the commuter rail system, among contracted services (fig. 1). According to a state report on procurement, an average one-way passenger trip cost (including fixed costs) about $47....

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