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Photo of someone riding a bikeshare bike

Seattle Bikeshare Program & Permit Process

Brief Summary Drawing on experiences with unregulated systems from other cities, Seattle, WA created the first permit program in the country aimed towards a regulated and structured dockless bikeshare marketplace following the closure of the city’s ...

Photo of heavily congested highway

Homepage for the calculator.

Shared Mobility Benefits Calculator Method

The Shared Mobility Benefits Calculator is a tool for cities to estimate the emissions benefits from deploying various modes of shared mobility. Using these estimates, policymakers can envision and set goals towards reducing congestion, household transportation ...

Graphic showing how Move PGH and Transit app can help people access different transportation modes

Shifting the Mobility Paradigm with Move PGH, Pittsburgh, PA

Brief Summary Pittsburgh launched Move PGH, a program where customers can access a variety of mobility services through the Transit app and at Mobility Hubs across the city. Move PGH offers e-scooters, bikeshare, carshare, public transit, carpooling ...

Computer generation of COVID-19 germ cell

Status Update, April 23: COVID-19 Crisis Impact on Transit & Shared Mobility

Brief Summary This is the second status update on impacts and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. This update is organized by mode and explores the trends that emerged through April, when most stay-at-home orders were in effect and cities established ...

Digitized image of COVID19 germ

Status Update, April 8: COVID-19 Crisis Impact on Transit & Shared Mobility

Brief Summary This case study describes how cities and transportation sectors throughout the country have been impacted in the initial weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they responded. Public transit ridership declined significantly, and ...

Digitized image of COVID19 germ

Status Update, May 19: COVID-19 Crisis Impact on Transit & Shared Mobility

Brief Summary This is the third status update on how cities and transportation sectors are impacted and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. This update continues to assess trends in the mobility landscape by mode, with a specific focus on post-pandemic ...

Photo of Seattle skyline

Successes in Seattle with Transportation Demand Management

Brief Summary Seattle’s economy has grown at a considerable rate. Through local and regional transportation demand management efforts, most of the gains in net commute trips were by means other than single-occupancy vehicles. Seattle has implemented ...

Arlington, TX and Via Microtransit Partnership

The City of Arlington, TX and Via MOD P3 RFP and Contract Process

Brief Summary In 2017, Arlington, TX issued a RFP for a demand response rideshare service.  The objectives of this pilot were to help alleviate road congestion, offer additional mobility options to help reduce vehicle trips, and better understand ...

Stock photo of glasses on laptop with data processing programs on screen

The Role of Data Specifications in Creating an Integrated Transportation System

Brief Summary Data specifications are the prescription or outline for how parties should convey data. They provide a common language for how transportation services share information with users. Commonly known transportation data specifications ...

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