Mobility Hubs to Connect Communities Webinar and Workshop

Date: Oct 27, 2020

On October 27, 2020 the Shared-Use Mobility Center hosted the “Mobility Hubs to Connect Communities “ webinar and workshop, the first in the Path to the Summit series. The virtual event had two-parts: first, a webinar featured presentations of mobility hubs projects led by non-profit organizations, a metropolitan planning organization, and city governments from the United States and Europe; second, attendees participated in breakout room sessions focused on mobility hubs in four different contexts: Regional, City, Community, and European. Each session was an educational and tactical discussion of lessons learned, key issues to address and opportunities to seize in Mobility Hub planning and implementation. 

If you were not able to attend the event live, you can access the webinar recording below:

Speakers’ presentations are available below:

Sharon Feigon (SUMC) shared her experience launching the first mobility hubs, which integrated carsharing, solar powered EV charging stations, and multimodal integration with Chicago transit, and how the Shared-Use Mobility Center has been working on the education and planning of mobility hubs in the United States. See Sharon’s presentation HERE

Danielle Kochman (SANDAG) presented SANDAG’s vision for regional mobility hubs connecting employment centers, recreational areas, local communities, military bases, and rural areas integrating different modes of transportation. See Danielle’s presentation HERE

Jasna Hadzic-Stanek (Minneapolis) described the partnerships involved in mobility hubs planning, and shared insights on five critical themes in implementation: resilience, safety, public space, branding + wayfinding, and partnerships. See Jasna’s presentation HERE

Joy Massey (TransForm) shared the process of developing mobility hubs at affordable housing locations informed by community transportation needs assessments and community participation in mobility hub design and implementation. See Joy’s presentation HERE

Rebecca Karbaumer (Bremen) presented some highlight’s of Bremen’s 17 years of experience planning and operating a dense network of mobility hubs combining carsharing, biking, and transit. See Rebecca’s presentation HERE



SUMC’s Reports on Mobility Hubs:


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