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Photo of BRIDJ Van

Bridj Microtransit Shutdown

Bridj (pronounced “bridge”) was a transportation startup that operated tech-enabled, demand-based commuter vans in several cities, including a limited pilot with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA). Bridj abruptly ceased operation ...

Map Go Centennial Service Area

Centennial, Colorado and Lyft First/Last Mile Pilot Project Review

From August 2016 to February 2017, the City of Centennial, Colorado operated a pilot program to provide first/last mile connections to transit using an innovative public-private partnership (P3). Now that the Centennial-Lyft pilot project is over, planners ...

Lone Tree Link Shuttles

Lone Tree Link: a Last-Mile Leader

The Lone Tree link is a free shuttle that addresses the first mile/last mile (FMLM) issue for a quickly-growing Denver suburb at the end of the light rail system. The shuttle is part of what SUMC has termed (in a forthcoming TCRP Report) “consortium ...

Color rendering of Minneapolis skyline with multi-modal transportation in the foreground

Marketing Mobility on Demand Projects

In our discussions with Mobility On Demand (MOD) practitioners and others, we have found that marketing innovative new modes and services is a critical yet challenging piece to running a successful MOD project. In December the Shared Use Mobility Center, ...

Map of MBTA Ride Service Area

MBTA RIDE P3 Partnerships: Lyft/Uber and Centralized Call and Control Center for Paratransit Services

This analysis is designed to complement SUMC's webinar on: Shared Mobility for People with Disabilities--Challenges and Opportunities for Paratransit The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (the "T”), which serves Boston and its metropolitan ...

Ride Austin App Screenshot

MetroLink Pilot by CapMetro in Partnership with RideAustin

Many potential transit trips are hindered by the difficulty of traveling between a point of origin or destination and the closest high-frequency transit route. This is especially the case in suburban areas with lower population or job densities. This ...

RideKC Freedom-on-Demand Service area map

RideKC Freedom On-Demand Pilot: Leveraging Existing Contracts for On-demand Paratransit

This analysis is designed to complement SUMC's webinar on Shared Mobility for People with Disabilities -- Challenges and Opportunities for Paratransit The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) and Transdev have partnered to create ...

A visually impaired person entering a vehicle

RTC Paratransit Partnership with Lyft

Technology-enabled mobility services offer opportunities for transit agencies to improve mobility for persons with disabilities and reduce costs of associated trips. Traditionally, transit agencies have provided mobility for persons with disabilities ...

Photo of someone riding a bikeshare bike

Seattle Bikeshare Program & Permit Process

In cities across the country, dockless bikesharing is making bicycling more accessible and convenient. Whether for a commute, as recreation or to run a spontaneous errand, shared bikes allow people a dynamic new way to access healthy and environmentally-friendly ...

Photo of heavily congested highway

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